Welcome to the official Web site of the Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo, the first accredited branch of the Jinenkan in Canada.

We are dedicated to providing quality instruction in the Kobudo (ancient martial arts) of mainland Japan, as taught by Manaka "Unsui" Sensei. These arts are highly practical in nature, and include both the unarmed and armed spheres of martial arts. Our unarmed training includes the full range of Classical Jujutsu: striking, kicking, grappling, blocking and parrying, and ground engagement. Our curriculum of long and short traditional weapons includes Kenjutsu ("sword art"), Bojutsu ("stick/staff art") Sojutsu/Naginata-jutsu ("spear/halberd art"), Juttejutsu ("truncheon art"), and Tantojutsu ('knife art"). These old styles were developed in the warrior clans and passed down as secrets until the modern period. Etiquette is not empty formality, but is kept minimal and used to foster respect and awareness. The goal is to train until movement becomes natural and instinctive- in fact, "Jinenkan" means "House of Nature", implying Manaka Sensei's concept that the highest level of skill is to move as naturally as the elements.

Our dojo offers training in an welcoming, non-competitive environment. Everyone comes to us with different experiences, talents, and limitations. Rather than expect newcomers to immediately tolerate intense physical exercise or try to mold themselves into an arbitrary, cookie-cutter "perfect form", we realize that the "House of Nature" needs flexible progression. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own reasons for coming to us. That means all participants in the dojo are on slight variations of the path to self improvement. The dojo is here to facilitate your growth, not the other way around. Training is administered by Dojo-cho (training hall leader) Andy Keyworth, a former resident of Japan and personal student of Manaka Sensei.

Manaka (Unsui) Sensei

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