The Dojo

Day Topic Time Location
Tuesdays Classical Jujutsu 8:30-10:00 PM Team Bushido Mixed Martial Arts
50 Slack Road, Unit 5
Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 0E2

Fees (Classical Jujutsu):

$40.00/month for one class per week.


We have a student keiko-gi (training uniform) arrangement with The Martial Artist, a retail store in Orleans, Ontario. A navy-blue, Kendo-gi (jacket), blue or black training pants, and white belt retails for approximately $85. Please also bring a pair of indoor-only running shoes. We generally permit students to train through their first session (approximately 10 classes) in simple exercise clothing.

If students are taking part in Kenjutsu (now available in occasional Sunday workshops), they will also require a bokken (wooden sword) for solo training: this is also available at the Martial Artist and costs approximately $20, though more expensive, custom-made pieces are certainly available if you search. For partner training, we exclusively use the fukuro-shinai: a single piece of bamboo, split down the length, and covered in leather. This is to protect our partners and ourselves from accidental injury. The only fukuro-shinai we endorse is available for order through the Jinenkan Webstore.

Other equipment may be required as class topics change.

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