Plans for 2016

We're returning in July, and so is Kenjutsu!

Classical Jujutsu resumes on Tuesday, July 5th, 8:30-10PM. Kenjutsu classes start on Wednesday, July 6th.
Kenjutsu will be from 8-9:30PM, at Team Bushido MMA (1580 Liverpool Court Unit 7). The cost will be $40/month; see below for more details.

Classical Jujutsu classes are moving!

Our Classical Jujutsu classes have moved to a new home. Starting on Tuesday, April 5th , we are at Team Bushido Mixed Martial Arts (1580 Liverpool Court Unit 7). The facility is very nice: spacious and with high-quality mats.

We will have classes on Tuesdays evenings, from 8:30-10PM. This is somewhat later, but we must adjust to fit the existing schedule.

Beginners are welcome anytime, and start with basic techniques; for more advanced studens, we are continuing our study of Shinden Fudo Ryu Jutaijutsu. Training features the throwing, locking, pinning, holding, and supplementary striking of this ancient school of unarmed combat.

Shinden Fudo Ryu Jutaijutsu (Classical Jujutsu)

Tuesday classes will continue with Shinden Fudo Ryu Jutaijutsu. Shinden Fudo Ryu is divided into two parts: Jutaijutsu and Dakentaijutsu. While both involve strikes, kicks, holds, locks, and throws, the difference is in the intent. Jutaijutsu is more concerned with protecting yourself from an attacker, while Dakentaijutsu concentrates on "destroying" your opponent (please note, this indicates a particular mindset from a feudal period of history). They are traditionally learned in this order.

All registration for Classical Jujutsu classes must be done in person at our new home, within Team Bushido Mixed Martial Arts (1580 Liverpool Court Unit 7).


Unsui Sensei warding off two attackers with Nito-jutsu We are continuing our training in Jinen Ryu Bikenjutsu, the "secret art of the sword". This does not mean new students cannot join: beginners are always introduced to the fundamentals, and gradually developed until they have a full appreciation of the particular school of sword technique we are studying. There is always room for new enthusiasts.

Jinen Ryu Bikenjutsu itself reflects some very traditional aspects of Japanese martial arts. It contains an ordered series of kata, divided into scrolls; each scroll devotes itself to a certain theme. Students learn the techniques and scrolls in order. Each kata is a short two-person (or more) sequence designed to teach a specific kind of movement or concept. It is critical to know the meaning of the name and the important points, or the lesson of the kata is lost.

Jinen Ryu means “House of Nature”- the goal is to learn swordsmanship of “a splendid and nimble nature”, which is in accord with natural movement. Manaka Sensei patterned the system’s structure after Miyamoto Musashi’s famous “Go Rin no Sho”- the Book of Five Rings. There are five scrolls: Chi no Maki (Earth Scroll), Sui no Maki (Water Scroll), Hi no Maki (Fire Scroll), Fu no Maki (Wind Scroll), and Ku no Maki (Void, or Emptiness, Scroll). Despite the impressive names, the scrolls are direct and pragmatic, rather than esoteric in nature. Musashi himself never wrote about actual techniques, only generalities the warrior had to understand- anything more specifically described could be stolen and used against him. By contrast, Manaka Sensei needed to create a practical course in sword technique for his students, and a way to guide and order their training.

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