About Us

The Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo is the only Canadian branch of the Jinenkan organization. We strive to instill in our students the spirit and techniques of Kobudo, the "ancient martial arts", as taught to us originally by Manaka Unsui Sensei, founder of the organization.

Manaka Unsui Sensei and the Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan

The Jinenkan is an organization devoted to the teaching of Kobudo, the old martial arts of Japan. “Jinenkan” means “House of Nature”, and symbolizes that the highest level of skill is to move as naturally as the elements. Nature can be both soft and powerful: wind and water can alternately flow around things, or crush anything in their path.

The full name of the organization is Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan- literally, “House of Nature for Ancient Martial Arts for Real Fighting”. In 1996, Manaka “Unsui” Sensei created the Jinenkan, based on 40 years of intense personal training, to better teach his growing number of students and to guide their training. Manaka Sensei commenced his life-study in martial arts at age 12 with Judo. At 14, he began studying Kobudo under Hatsumi Masaaki Sensei. He applied himself for many years to the rough training of a personal student, gaining proficiency in unarmed and armed techniques. The first two years were devoted solely to punching, kicking, and breakfalls- so he could serve as the attacker for more senior students' techniques! Over time, he earned licenses for full transmission in several traditional styles, and mastered sword, staff, and other weapons. He earned recognition as a senior instructor, especially with foreign students in Japan.

Manaka Sensei was also a Japanese Air Force officer, and often sent overseas. He met and tested himself against martial artists and soldiers around the world, and gained students personally loyal to him. He also developed his own theory of teaching.

In 1996, Manaka Sensei decided to create the Jinenkan to fully express his theory of teaching martial arts and to directly lead his students. He retired from the military in 2000, and in a momentous step forward, moved to Baltimore, Maryland to establish the Jinenkan Hombu Dojo (headquarters). He lived in the United States, cultivating his North American and international students and creating a base of instructors, for over three years. Then, with the Jinenkan enjoying strong growth, he returned to Japan to lead the organization from his home country. He still travels abroad several times a year to lead very popular seminars.

Dojo-cho Andy Keyworth

All classes are led by Dojo-cho ("Dojo leader") Andy Keyworth, a former resident of Japan and personal student of Manaka Sensei. He holds the rank of Yondan (4th dan), and is the only licensed Jinenkan Dojo-cho in Canada. He has over twenty years experience in martial arts, including European, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese styles. Andy Keyworth is also an instructor and avid student of modern combative systems. He has taught seminars to civilians and police personnel in: San Diego, California; New York City; Orebro, Sweden; Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and Japan.

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