Plans for 2012

Regular classes begin April 3rd

Classical Jujutsu classes start Monday, April 8th; Kenjutsu classes start Wednesday, April 3rd.

Military Combatives / Self-Defence workshop with Cris Anderson: Saturday, October 13th

Breaking from a chokehold using a wheeling attack The Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo will host a new workshop by returning Military Combatives instructor Cris Anderson. Our previous sessions have been very successful. The format of this workshop will be somewhat different from what returning participants have experienced.

Modern self-defence instructors realize that many physical encounters will go to the ground; this can happen by chance, or because the attacker intentionally forces it there for advantage. Suddenly being forced to defend oneself from the ground can be disorienting and demoralizing, but this situation can be prepared for. In this three-hour workshop, Cris Anderson will lead the first two hours in a simplified method of ground defence, using instinctive skills that are easy to develop.

The last hour will be lead by Andy Keyworth, who will teach a standing self-defence skillset based on working a plan of natural body movements.

The workshop will be at the Heron Road Community Centre, from 2:30-5:30PM on Saturday, October 13th. This will be a City of Ottawa program: the cost of the workshop is $20.

You can register online at, or in person at any City of Ottawa recreation facility. Please call the Heron Road Community Centre at 613-247-4808 for more information about registration.

For this workshop, you will only need to dress in pants with no snaps, buttons or zipper, please. T-shirt or sweat shirt is fine. Cris Anderson would have you bring a mouth guard, and groin protection. Mr. Anderson will insist that everyone sign his waiver of liability. Bring your water bottle and notebook.

For more information about the workshop itself, please call 613-263-0441 or email

New class schedule

The next sesson of classes will begin on Monday, April 2nd.

Classes at the Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo operate as "programs" of the City of Ottawa. There will be two separate regular classes, each of which requires separate registration:

  • Monday evenings, from 7:30-9PM, are for Classical Jujutsu. The program will run for 10 weeks, starting April 2nd. The cost is $79.50 (City of Ottawa barcode #697129);
  • Wednesday evenings, from 7:30-9PM, are reserved for Kenjutsu. The program will run for 10 weeks, starting April 4th. The cost is $79.50 (City of Ottawa barcode #697130).

Bojutsu classes are on hiatus for the time being, with the expectation that we will resume outdoor training when the weather allows.

For more information about the class schedule, please call 613-263-0441 or email

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